Cooperation Mode
Cooperation Mode
  • Provide client material & semi finished products .
  • Provide client professional facilities and supporting facilities like production die.
  • Provide high quality products group( cylinder relevant accessories introduce and purchase).
Produce Trusteeship
Produce Trusteeship
  • Provide professional facilities install and commissioning test service.
  • Provide production training service.
  • Provide Sound quality management manual.
  • Provide a sound organizational structure.
  • Provide all systems including production, operation, maintain, etc.
  • Trust the factory to professional managers, the boss is unfettered.
  • Promote manage skills, import professional standardization management, advanced production mode, mature culture.
    ——Improve employee productivity, reduce the equipment failure, Keep production system stable.
  • We speak by result, demonstrate by data, will let you never worry about.
    ——Factory long-term stable development.
  • Keep the principle of resource integration, complementary advantages,
  • benefit sharing, risk-sharing.
    Reduce operating costs, provide production profit.
    ——low cost, high reward.
  • You have workshop, facilities, we have professional operation team with decades experience.
    ——promote resources integration, complementary advantages